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Bravely Default II trailer explains the Brave/Default mechanic - and gets me all excited

by: Eric -
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I love the Bravely Default Games. I've played Bravely Default and Bravely Second extensively on the 3DS. In fact, these two games are the primary reasons I still have a 3DS in my house. I'll never give it up, as its the only way to play two of my favorite games. 

So yeah, I'm pretty jazzed about the February 26 release of Bravely Default II. I played the first demo to completion, but I have been steadfastly avoiding the second demo, as it contains the first few hours of the actual game, and I don't want any spoilers. But man, this wait is becoming difficult.

Square Enix dropped the above trailer yesterday, and it does a great job of demonstrating the Brave / Default mechanic and how it works in battle. Basically, when you Brave, you are borrowing turns against future turns. And when you Default, you are banking your turn to use in the future. So, if you Brave four times, you can take four turns in a row, but then you are stuck on stupid while the enemy beats the tar out of you for the next four rounds. Or, you can Default a bunch of times, and then unleash hell on the baddies. The system offers a great deal of risk vs. reward, and adds a layer to strategy to an otherwise familiar Final Fantasy battle system.

I usually try to keep my fanboy tendencies at bay while writing articles for GN, but this one gets me too revved up to control myself. I'm going to be able to play a Bravely Default game on my television. It's insane! Unheard of! Revolutionary!

In case you missed it in my babbling above, Bravely Default II arrives on Nintendo Switch on February 26.