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EVE Online tries to "Reign" in its chaotic reputation

by: Randy -
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Achieving tactical supremacy sounds like something you try to do every day in EVE Online. However, this latest "Reign Quadrant" (I think Quadrant is now EVE-speak for "quarterly update") puts an emphasis on tactical supremacy. EVE Online: Reign updates fleets and travel, puts in a few of their continuous balance and meta changes, and brings back events such as Guardian's Gala and The Hunt.

The new trailer reining in Reign Quadrant 1 is kind of fun, too. I'm not one to call "bullshot" on too many things. Especially because EVE Online gets such a bad rap for being a game of spreadsheets. But this trailer tries to make it look like everybody flies around and shows up to a fight in nice neat formations. Looks great in the movies. Looks even better in a video game trailer. But EVE Online's gameplay doesn't look like this:

Instead it looks, at best, a whole lot like this:

Which is beautiful in its own right. Just don't go into the game thinking you're going to see some orderly fleets lining up with soldierly precision. EVE isn't a parade, my friend, it's a lot of downtime pierced by the occasional stab of adrenaline right into your chest. When a big battle happens, players have to give developer CCP a reasonable amount of time as a heads up, and then the battles between hundreds or even thousands of players (intentionally) go into a remarkable amount of slowdown so that the game's servers aren't hosed, leaving everybody either frozen or crashed-to-desktop.

So, it's always good to see a new visual aid from EVE Online. I still think they've got some of the best ship designs of any sci-fi video game you can find out there. But also, let's be real with it and admit that this trailer is only trying to create an awesome-looking but imaginary projection of its new Fleet Up! in-game spreadsheet.