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New Zombies map available now in Cold War

by: Rob -
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The next big step in the Zombies storyline is here. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War has released Firebase Z, a new map free for all players on all platforms. Picking up where Die Maschine left off, the fight appears to warp through dark aether between multiple locations starting in an abandoned village in Vietnam. The content drop also adds a new perk, support items, and weapons to take on the hordes of the undead. 

There is an entire Surviving Firebase Z post up on the official site with loads more details and tips and the locations of all the weapons and power up machines. You can check that out at https://www.callofduty.com/blog/2021/02/Guide-to-Surviving-Firebase-Z

Highlights of the new items include:

  • 2 new support items, a Napalm Strike and Artillery, which hit just like they do in as multiplayer scorestreaks but rather than calling them by tablet these are dropped on top of a marker you place down. 
  • A new round mechanic, Assault Rounds, where you must race to a location and assist the automated turrets in defending a control point. These rounds also incorporate the new supports to help take down the massive wave that must be pushed back and reward players upon survival of a few power ups. The tips page is really hyping this up as a hairy fight so get ready for some tense moments in these as your resources and ammo whittles away against an unrelenting assault.
  • A new perk, Tombstone Soda, which gives you a chance to come back to life after being downed. It ports you into a shadow realm of dark aether with all your load out and a chance to kill enough zombies before the timer runs out to return to life with all your gear intact. Fail and you lose it all just like a regular death. 

The Firebase Z map is live now. I haven't had a chance to play it but seeing as I've completed all the trophies and completed the story for the Die Machine map I'm starting to feel a call to jump in myself.