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What we're playing

by: Randy -
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EA Sports is bringing college football back without college players. Despite a record stock surge, GameStop's brick-and-mortar stores are still struggling. And Stadia will continue as a gaming platform, but Google won't develop games for it anymore.

So, this is what we're playing.

Eric Hauter
Although I didn't review Werewolf: The Apocalypse - Earthblood (Randy had that particular honor), I played the opening hours of the game, streaming it on release day. I don't want to say too much – both the stream and the review are live – but I am enjoying Werewolf: The Apocalypse in a very late-night-on-Showtime-in-1984 sort of way. If this game were a film, it would star Richard Greico and Rutgar Hauer (and maybe Kris Kristopherson). Just a ton of bloody, cheesy fun.
I've also been continuing my obsessive playing of Neoverse, the deck builder that I reviewed on Switch a few weeks back. Still amazing, addictive, and fun. I really love it. 
Randy Kalista
Gamer confession, in three parts. One, the Mass Effect Trilogy is my favorite RPG series of all time. Two, it's in the 99th percentile of any sci-fi you put it up against—movies, music (?), TV, books, whatever you want. But three, I've never actually finished the last half of Mass Effect 3. I know, I'm clutching my pearls, too. I let the internet's opinion of the ending get me down. I never rolled credits myself. I was afraid they might be right and that Mass Effect could no longer be my RPG crownholder. But as the singer-philosopher OneRepublic once said, "It's too late to apologize. It's too laaaate." So, this week, with the (finally official) announcement of Mass Effect Legendary Edition, I'm ignoring that 7 out of 10 on Steam. I'm ignoring Metacritic's 6.0 user score. I'm seeing if you're still capable of being my favorite RPG series of all time.