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It is a fantastic week to be a Trader in Red Dead Online

by: Eric -
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As regular readers know, I have fallen hardcore into Red Dead Online. I don't play the game with any structure, really. I just log in every day to complete a few daily challenges and further my career as a fancy-boy trader. My time in Red Dead Online is much less about me trying to finish any storylines or interact with other players, and far more about the acquisition of great personal wealth. Just look at this guy. He is the picture of affluence.

You know you are jealous of my dope hat.

I typically spend all of my time killing stuff and dragging it back to Cripps, running supply missions for Cripps, and selling goods for Cripps. On the rare occasions that Cripps is maxed out on materials, I go on a treasure hunt or a mission to go find some collectables with one of the many maps I somehow ended up with. It is important to note that I never sell any of these collectables to Madam Nazar, I just...collect them.

Anyhow, when I logged in to Red Dead Online this morning, the game donked me over the head with a giant pile of free stuff. I like free stuff, as it means that I don't have to spend any of my carefully hoarded Red Dead dollars on anything. In some ways, it feels like a Red Dead stimulus program, with the Red Dead government giving me a bunch of stuff to keep me engaged in the Red Dead economy. 

As a fancy-boy Trader, this week I get: 

  • Login Bonuses for Traders: A Reward for 25 free Trader Goods, 50% more RDO$ on all Trader Sell Missions, plus completing two Sell Missions will add an Offer for 40% off an Established or Distinguished Trader Role Item

That extra 50% bonus on goods sales is fantastic. Seeing as how hunting and trading are like 90% of what I do in Red Dead Online, this weeks bonuses just add up to tons more money for Truck Tonka (that's my guy's name). And here's the list of other free stuff you get when you log into Red Dead this week. Still using that default horse (Randy)? Red Dead has you covered:

  • Reward for a free Horse under Rank 40
  • Reward for a free Stable Slot
  • Reward for 5,000 Club XP
  • Rewards for 2 free Ability Cards
  • High Velocity Ammo for all gun types
  • Reward for a free Coat
  • Reward for a free Hat Rank 15 and under
  • Reward for a free Shirt Rank 15 and under
  • Reward for a free Fast Travel Voucher
  • Horse Reviver
  • Assortment of select Tonics and other consumables

Red Dead Online is on sale for $4.99 until February 15th. Best five bucks you can spend.