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You have like 500 new demos to play in the Steam Game Festival right now

by: Randy -
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Valve Corp. is putting on the Steam Game Festival right now. Running from Feb. 3–9, that leaves you less than one week to download each and every one of the 500+ playable demos that are suddenly all over Steam. Most of these would fall into the indie category, if we needed a label, but man if you haven't seen indie games lately—and how gorgeous so many of them look—then you're missing out, don't make me tell you.

Some of these games have been chilling on my Wishlist for ages, me just dying for any kind of update at all. While others are only just now making their presence known. If Wikipedia's 2021 in video games page looked a little bleak to you, then it's probably because it needed this Steam Game Festival to hit.

And the Festival isn't just demos. There's an event schedule chock-full of developer interviews and dev livestreams happening at the top of the page. I've got updates rolling in for coming-soon games on my Wishlist like Super Seducer 3, No Place for Bravery, and Narita Boy. Oops, no demo for Super Seducer 3. Boooo.

So, I guess that means not every game featured in the Festival comes with a demo. That's too bad. Only 499 more for me to check. But you, I mean, save yourself! Don't look unless you want to be overwhelmed with a million awesome-looking new things to test drive.