Fall Guys Season 3.5 is now available

by: Nathan -
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Fall Guys quickly became one of my favorite games of 2020 and its been so exciting seeing all of the wacky new ways that they have been able to update the game over the past few months. Today another update arrives with a new event and also remixes a lot of the stages already in the game.

I think the remixes are my favorite part because when you play an event enough you create the best route for yourself to get to the finish line and these remixes really keep you on your toes making you have to rethink your way to the finish line. 

Here is a list of the updates coming today 

  • New Round - Snowball Survival
  • 40+ Round remixes
  • Fall Feed - Keep a keen eye on pals and competitors alike with live in-game updates on every elimination and point scored.
  • New Sugar Plum costume DLC pack.
  • New Shows - Wild ideas from the community and design team align in a slew of new Round playlists for you to tackle.
  • New Costumes - Plenty of delightful new looks will be hitting the store, plus the much-requested return of Godzilla, Untitled Goose Game and Sonic costumes.
  • Bug Fixes - Improvements ahoy. Smoother stumbles assured, with fixes to Ice Climb, Hex-A-Gone and plenty more quality of life changes.