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God of War upgrade sees one of the PS4’s best get even better on PS5

by: Charlie -
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The 2018 God of War reboot is widely considered one of the best games of the last generation. Critical-acclaim with multiple game of the year awards and a father of the year award made Kratos’ return a triumphant one. If you’re yet to play it, there’s no excuse not to try it now. After all, it’s also available for free to every PlayStation Plus subscriber with a PS5 thanks to the PlayStation Plus Collection. 

“On the PlayStation 4 Pro version of God of War (2018), you have a choice between two graphics modes: one that favors performance and one that favors resolution,” say Sony Santa Monica in the official blog post announcing the upgrade. The ‘Enhanced Performance Experience’ on PS5 runs at 2160p and 60FPs. The other option is the original PlayStation 4 Pro mode which runs at 4K Checkerboard Resolution at 30 FPS.

The upgrade is out today, February 2nd. Whether you’re experiencing this great game for the first time or revisiting it, you’ll enjoy the very best version thanks to this PS5 upgrade.