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Is Zen Studios revealing future Pinball FX tables in The Pinball Show?

by: Eric -
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Zen has been cranking out fantastic digital pinball tables since the early Xbox 360 days. While almost every platform since then has had some form of Zen Pinball on it, Zen yesterday announced that a new platform - Pinball FX - will be coming in 2021 to new generation platforms.

Here's the trailer - which doesn't give a whole lot of info beyond a new logo and a few stylish shots of...pinballs:

Turns out that Zen is rebooting Pinball FX - thus the lack of a number at the end of the title. Perhaps more informative is The Pinball Show, which also premiered yesterday. This 20-minute program runs through all of the news that is relevant to Zen, highlighting new stuff that is coming down the road. But before I post that video, I wanna talk about this:

The above photo is a capture from the intro to the Pinball Show. While the dude certainly seems like an upstanding citizen, I’m way more interested in the stuff on the shelf behind him. I’m seeing paraphernalia from Robert Kirkman’s Invincible comic series, Destroy All Humans, Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th, bobbles from musical acts Guns N Roses and Queen, and even some South Park guys – which is interesting, because Zen used to have some South Park tables that eventually got pulled from the platform due to expiring licensing issues.

In other parts of the video, I spotted Pikachu, Groot, and (I think) Mr. Freeze. I’m not thinking that these objects were randomly thrown on shelves behind the parties speaking. By selecting these specific items to display in the background of the video, is Zen dropping hints at upcoming table announcements? My money is on "Yes. Totally."

Take a look at the entire video below for more info on what Zen is planning for the future, including a new Pinball Royale game The upcoming Mandalorian table, and some awesome new physical tables.