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Spirit Lucky's Big Adventure is the Red Dead killer my daughter has been waiting for

by: Randy -
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Look, sometimes you have a 10 year old. Not always, and not everyone, but sometimes ya just do. I'm one of those dads that does. And boy, if she's not wall climbing and crown hopping in Fall Guys, or building a flower-lined path from her Minecraft log cabin to her natural spring jacuzzi, then she's probably watching an episode of Spirit. So, it's quite possible I will not be able to avoid buying her a copy of DreamWorks Spirit Lucky's Big Adventure.

Now, I'm not one for too many colons and dashes in video game titles, but it's obvious this title could use some. Regardless, I wouldn't consider my daughter a "horse girl," and she likely wouldn't either, but there's something uplifting about the show that she really enjoys—that is, when I'm not making her rewatch The Lord of the Rings extended edition for the fifth time.

The write-up says it's open world, but as an adventure game, it's probable Lucky's Big Adventure will be more on-rails than, say, Red Dead Online. But look at the trailer. You want to make comparisons to RDO already, I can tell. I certainly want to. I just want to stand there, patting Spirit on the neck, saying, "You're a good boah," for about 10 minutes straight. I don't know if Spirit is a boy or a girl.

All I know is, Spirit is the horse and Lucky is the star, with her best friends Abigail and Pru, on an adventure inspired by the upcoming DreamWorks Animation feature film, Spirit Untamed. You'll bond with Spirit, ride around, snag collectibles, unlock outfits and accessories, rescue animals in danger, help townsfolk, compete in horse races, take photos, etc. See? That's exactly what my kiddo watches me do in Red Dead. Who knew Spirit could be a Rockstar killer?

DreamWorks [apostrophe-s] Spirit [colon] Lucky's Big Adventure is coming Summer 2021 for the Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Until there are games for We Bare Bears or Hilda, then I guess I have to consider this one.