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New Fallout 76 update fixes a lot of nagging inventory issues

by: Eric -
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Its difficult to believe that Fallout 76 has been around for over two years. During that time, the game has undergone one of those patented gaming redemption arcs. After getting absolutely hammered by critics and fans upon release for its many bugs and desolate atmosphere, Fallout 76 has long ago turned the page to become a much-loved and respected entry in the Fallout franchise. (Real talk - I always loved it).

Over the years, Fallout 76 has made steady progress, adding NPCs to the world and offering a ton of new content - and the improvements keep on coming. A new "Inventory Update", now available, will address several long-standing issues that have plagued players since the game's early days. The largest of these changes is the Stash increase, which allows players to horde 1200 lbs of stuff (up from 800, so a significant increase). Additionally, new tabs have been added to the Pipboy, allowing players to more easily track certain subcategories of loot:

  • New – This tab will keep track of all the items players gather during a play session, sorted by newest to oldest. 

  • Armor – Armor receives its own menu tab so that players can keep their gear separate from their other Apparel. 

  • Food/Drinks – Food and drinks are now split out from “Aid” into their own Pip-Boy Inventory tab. Chems and Serums will remain in “Aid.” 

All of this, and some other useful upgrades, are spelled out in this handy trailer:

Fallout 76 is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The game goes on sale frequently, and has no subscription costs. At this point, it is well worth a look, even if you have been a longtime doubter.