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Xbox Game Pass surpasses 18 Million subscribers

by: Charlie -
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In September of this year, it was revealed that Xbox Game Pass had surpassed the 15 million subscriber count; up from 10 million by the end of April of this year. Well, just over 3 months later, Microsoft have since announced that Xbox Game Pass has surpassed 18 million subscribers, growing at a rate of approximately 1 million new subscribers per month. 

Xbox Game Pass is available in three forms: Game Pass for Console for $9.99, Game Pass for PC for $9.99, and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for $14.99, which includes access to both Console and PC libraries (with Android streaming support), as well bundling in Xbox Live Gold for online gaming on Xbox.

Although new subscribers are able to take advantage of offers such as getting the first month for 1$, it cannot be denied just how much a success Game Pass is proving to be. One can only imagine how much more it would’ve expanded had Halo Infinite launched in time in holiday of 2020. 

As well as the update on Game Pass subscribers, Microsoft also announced that the launch of the Xbox Series X|S was the most successful in Microsoft’s history, with “the most devices ever sold in a launch month.”