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Live Action Trailer for Rustler helps announce Grand Theft Horse early access Feb 18

by: Jon -
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Like many of my fellow writers here, I'm a big fan of Red Dead Redemption. The obsession began when my roommates and I decided to 100% the original game and its zombie expansion in college, lovingly coining it Grand Theft Horse for its open world and general heistiness. Rustler is making me think that we were too hasty in handing off the Grand Theft Horse crown. 

Rustler has players take on the roll of the anti-hero Guy who's list of misdeeds can certainly go beyond simple horse larceny. If you're feeling the need to visit a historically inaccurate medieval sandbox where you can launch cows through the sky and participate in cage fights, then this may be something to keep your eye on. Helping to announce that the game will be entering early access mid next month was the live action trailer below. It fits really well with the laid back, goofy humor that was seen in other trailers and images from the game. 

Currently the game has a demo available on the steam store under the name Rustler: Prologue, so if you're interested, check it out while you wait for the Feb. 18th early access date.