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The Shore is gonna go big or go home in new Lovecraftian trailer

by: Randy -
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Compared to its teaser from a year and a half agoThe Shore [official site] got a lot bigger, a lot scarier, a lot more everything. This Lovecraftian adventure has its head in the Cthulhu-shaped clouds and its feet on the Dear Esther-like sands.

There's a narrator affecting an old-man grittiness to his narrative. There's a lighthouse, a telescope, and a rocky beach. There are seagulls, shipwrecks, and, oh my, octopus-looking relics all over this island. No doubt it's rough around the edges, but I'm still convinced by the convincing atmospherics, the sparse piano in the soundtrack, the lonely traversal, and the go-big-or-go-home size of the creatures now. Cthulu is supposed to give you that Welp I'm Screwed feeling, and I think this starts to get there. Especially when you get to those creepy huge faces with those creepy yellow eyes. 

The Shore launches February 19 on PC.