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CES 2021: The future of displays for gaming is Micro LED

by: John -
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Boy, I remember vividly seeing a prototype OLED screen many moons ago at a CES and thought, "That's going to be the future of displays for gaming." It was a tiny screen, probably smaller than the cell phone screens we had today, but it was such a gorgeous picture.

Last year at Samsung's CES 2020 booth, I also saw a display that brought back the same feeling and that's using Micro LED. has been show a few times before last year, but the visual of The Wall as Samsung puts it, really brought forth what an amazing picture it can produce.

Not only do you get the darks of OLEDs but the brightness of LED and like OLED, each individual pixel is self illuminated. Incredible viewing angles, incredible HDR, and practically nonexistent bezels are other things that Micro LED can bring to the table.

Seeing a moving Micro LED display at Samsung's booth was also truly amazing. The ability to conform to multiple shapes and sizes makes this technology very versatile.

OLEDs are probably the de-facto standard for high end gaming with PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and PCs equipped with Ampere NVIDIA video cards and Big Navi AMD video cards. Practically everyone recommends an OLED when asked which TV they should get to pair with the newest consoles and PCs.

The next step for me is Micro LED. Samsung will be releasing Micro LED TVs this year at 88, 99, and 110 inch sizes. Yes, they will be way out of the price range for any normal consumer to pick up and will for at least a few more years. But, once it becomes more mainstream and more affordable, I'm betting Micro LED TVs will be the next top of the line type of TV to grab for gaming.