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Dead Cells newest DLC coming this month

by: Jon -
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Dead Cells is set for some exciting news over the latter half of this month.  The game is adding its second DLC, Fatal Falls, on the 26th, and is backing up this launch with some big deals. 

To help celebrate the DLC release, it is being accompanied by the Dead Cells: The Fatal Seed Bundle. This bundle targets those who are new to the game offering up the base game, with all of its updates and the 2 paid DLC. All of these offerings are looking at sizeable discounts later this month that see the base game being discounted at 50% off, while the bundle is marked down 33%, and the first DLC, The Bad Seed, marked down 30%. The date for these sales will vary a little depending on what platform you're playing on so be sure to keep an eye out for them. 

Since Dead Cells debut in 2017, this will be the 22nd update to the game, and will come with 2 new biomes, some very cool new weapons, and a new entourage of enemies to slay.  The biomes, The Fractured Shrines and The Undying Shores, are intended to spice up your mid game run a little bit adding some variety to runs that may have gone through Stilt Village or Clock Tower. 

Did I mention the flying sword? Have I really made it this far without mentioning the flying sword?  One of the seven new weapons introduced, the new maniacal sword, does in fact fly and it looks great. Alongside the sword players will be able to test out new scythes that will follow you around, as well as a variety of other weapons designed to help with the new biomes. These new weapons, partnered with 10 new outfits provide new looks to don while facing off against 8 new enemies as well as one new final boss, The Scarecrow and his exploding mushrooms. Take a look at the trailer below for a preview of all of these updates.