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Star Wars games will be under the Lucasfilm Games brand

by: John -
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Man, I wished they would've gone with LucasArts, but this is a start. There hasn't been a brand that all the video games sat under since LucasArts disbanded 2013. It was after that they started to license their IPs to other companies such as EA and Warner Games instead of creating games in house.

So, this announcement doesn't mean they're re-instituting and in house studio...yet. But, it could be a sign of the future. All Star Wars games from now on will carry the Lucasfilm Games branding. Whether they are the LEGO games, Battlefront games, or The Old Republic, all current and upcoming Star Wars games will also feature Lucasfilm Games along with its title.

Would I like to see them start their own video game studio again? I kind of do. Some of the best games came out of LucasArts and I think they can capture that magic again with the resources provided to them by Disney.

For now, that's the only change, but like I said, who knows about the future. They've setup a Facebook and Twitter account to continue to deliver news to excited fans.