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Games N Moorer hurts his insides, his outsides, and his insides with Super Mario Maker 2

by: Eric -
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Joseph Moorer, the namesake of Games N Moorer, continues his recent practice standing on the metaphorical Super Mario Maker 2 runway and letting fan-made-level propeller planes buzz him in the face. He's like that bald guy in Raiders of the Lost Ark, if Indiana Jones were Super Mario Maker 2 fans, and the big plane were their homemade levels. Except, unlike the bald guy, Joseph should totally see it coming.

This time, listen to Joseph moan about how missing close jumps "hurts my insides. It hurts my outsides and my insides. It just hurts my face." Enjoy!

For bonus content today, Joseph took a run at Rocket League with special guest Frankie Johnson, who seems to have some Rocket League skills. Take a look:

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