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Super Mega Baseball 3 is on Amazon Luna - Gameplay

by: Eric -
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My weekly check on Amazon Luna yielded some pretty solid returns today. It seems that sometime over the last week, Super Mega Baseball 3 stole its way onto Amazon's streaming platform.

I've never played Super Mega Baseball 3 before, but the franchise is becoming almost legendary as one of the best non-licensed sports titles on the market. Gaming Nexus' Carter Kilmann gave SMB3 a 9.0, stating in his review that in the wake of the pandemic, "Super Mega Baseball 3 is the clutch, come-from-behind, walk-off home run we’ve needed."

In the short video below, I take a swing at SMB3. I was just starting to get the hang of things on a basic level when I got bunted from Luna for low signal strength. Annoying. However, this game looks fantastic, and I will certainly be swinging back for another crack in the very near future.

Keep an eye on Gaming Nexus for Luna updates. I like to check in on the platform once a week, and it never fails to surprise me with a few choice goodies.