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It's a Wednesday morning Games N Moorer two-for-one

by: Eric -
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It's a Games N Moorer two-fer today, as we try to catch up with what Joseph has been up to on his channel. The man streams a lot - so we've got to double down sometimes in order to keep up.

First up - Joseph continues punching himself in the nards with more fan-made Super Mario Maker 2 levels. I cannot imagine even trying some of this stuff. I tend to play games in order to turn my mind off and lower my blood pressure. Joseph, on the other hand, seems to enjoy playing the videogame equivalent of cocaine-fueled marathon tap-dancing. Mario games are too intense for me, so watching someone play these fan levels is like staring into the sun. Take a look:

On the more relaxed side of things, Joseph continues his playthrough of Spider-Man: Miles Morales. Things seem to be going well, until the 45:45 mark, where Miles manages to swing right through New York's pavement, causing Joseph to go on a little PS4 Pro problem-solving mission. He says it's buggy. I say it's video games.

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