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Get moving for rewards with Hero Trainer

by: Jon -
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During this pandemic, I've admittedly struggled to get outside as much as I should. While I've admired all those who have purchased Pelotons, or gotten into gardening and other outdoor hobbies, I've found myself working, gaming, and watching shows.... which all happen to take place within 10 feet of each other.

Recently though, I found my old scale, and with it some motivation. I've started to get outside with the dog for longer walks, and even an occasional jog. However each time I get outside, it seems to get colder, and I lose a little of that motivation. That's where Hero Trainer steps in. 

We recently got word of this app, available for iOS and Android, and it sounded like what I needed for my motivation. Set up an account, let it track my walks, and use the steps it tracks to get points that you can use to purchase gift cards. The app adds some more gamifying elements as well, you level your "hero" in the app to be able to log more steps daily and earn more points so that you can get more gift cards.  

Now you aren't going to be earning rewards quickly.... at all... but hey, for an app that's taking the walks I'm already trying to go on, converting them into an app on my phone that adds a bit of gamification to those walks, and then lets me purchase Steam gift cards with the points I get for walking, what more can I ask for? 

If you want to learn more or download the app yourself for a try, keep reading below. 

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Introducing HERO TRAINER – The Revolutionary New Fitness App for Gamers

  • Innovative new fitness app Hero Trainer counts steps which translate into direct rewards for gamers, with the ultimate goal of encouraging bigger health and lifestyle changes
  •  Points earned from syncing the steps from Google Fit or Apple Health are used to earn paid rewards in dozens of games on PC, Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo, and Mobile, all for free
  • A chat feature also allows people to communicate in a time when we need connectivity more than ever, giving gamers the opportunity to group together and compete for additional rewards

Hero Trainer is a free mobile app on iOS and Android where users can earn rewards in dozens of games on all major consoles just for collecting steps. Since launching in April, users have walked over 800 million steps, with one user losing 30 lbs in two months. People who start to monitor their steps generally begin to commit to improving their health and make lifestyle changes, and Hero Trainer helps kick start this process.

"Remember playing Wii Fit or even Pokemon Go? These products eventually declined because they’re tied to one game or game system. Hero Trainer allows exercise for any game on any system, so you don’t have to get fit with a game you no longer care about." 

– Yash Jain, Hero Trainer Founder

Hero Trainer has set out on a mission to help gamers get physically and mentally fit, motivated by tangible rewards that incentivize gamers to stay active by incorporating regular steps into their day, whether it's in the park, on the street, or even the treadmill. It has already partnered with a game company, esports organization, an NFL player, an esports host, and even a non-profit for veterans’ mental health.

“It’s a must have app for the athletic gamer. I get rewarded for getting my sweat in while striving for that Kratos figure.” – Landon Turner, former NFL Player

A chat feature within the app also allows people to help connect to discuss challenges they may be facing and receive encouragement. It also allows them to group together and compete for additional rewards on a leaderboard. This is more important than ever with so many facing loneliness and isolation as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

No other app offers gamers actual rewards for their commitment to physical activity. Online immersive worlds have helped gamers across the world escape the bleak reality of this year, but Hero Trainer is a new way to connect the real world with the digital. It offers fully paid game rewards for free with long term physical benefits.

If you would like more information, to sample the app, or interview Hero Trainer founder Yash Jain, please get in touch and we will organise something ASAP. You can find out more information about Hero Trainer on the websiteapp store, Instagram and Facebook.