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Games N Moorer continues self-inflicting Super Mario Maker 2 damage

by: Eric -
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Standard Mario games can reach ridiculous levels of difficulty. But fan-made Mario levels can be supernaturally tough - constructed by sadists to be as punishing as possible. It seems that the Super Mario Maker 2 fans are locked into a never-ending contest to top each other's rage-inducing levels. 

Joesph Moorer, the namesake of Games N Moorer is clearly a glutton for punishment. Though he clearly has a great deal of Mario skill, he keeps throwing himself at these fan levels like a salmon trying to swim upstream - if salmon swore and groaned every time they fell back down a waterfall they were trying to swim up. Wanna watch 2 1/2 hours of someone ripping their hair out in jaw-dropping disbelief? Just scrub through the video and stop at any given moment to hear Joseph (graphically) struggle against Super Mario Maker 2. Take a look:

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