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The Gaming Nexus Posse terrorizes Red Dead Online

by: Eric -
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Gaming Nexus' session playing Red Dead Online with Games N Moorer last night may have gone a little bit off the rails. With a cadre of six Gaming Nexus staffers and friends, our posse was rolling far too deep to engage with Red Dead Online's missions in any meaningful way. The result? A lot of lassoing, head shots, carriage theft, dynamite, and a full-on invasion of St. Denis down in the bayou. 

To be fair, we spent the first 45 minutes attempting to run some missions (and taking a weird carriage ride across the countryside). But at the 50:45 mark, when Joseph runs headlong into some innocent guy on a horse and chooses to be offended, the Gaming Nexus posse began to spiral into downright anti-social behavior. As Randy (the most well-behaved of all of us) put it, "We're killing innocent people! Gaming Nexus, ladies and gentlemen!". 

It's all in good fun, of course. However, viewers should be advised that the Gaming Nexus Posse does use some rather salty language while storming the countryside. Take a look:

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