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20 years later, Neo Geo Pocket Color titles see new life

by: Rob -
More On: Fatal Fury First Contact

The Nee Geo Pocket Color was released in 1999. It was one of the last real gaming endeavors SNK would commit to, as the console would only last about a year and the corporation itself would be sold while in financial trouble only months after release. The new owners of the IP just didn't commit to gaming the way SNK had, even though the New Geo systems always were on the cutting edge of the tech at the time. Perhaps a little too cutting edge forcing introductory price points that prohibited many North American consumers from taking the plunge into the ecosystems. I'll always remember Neo Geo consoles as the ones that played those awesome looking games I could never afford. 

At the time, the Neo Geo Pocket Color was pretty cool. It was just on the heels of the Game Boy Color and came 2 years before the Game Boy Advance and 5 years before the PSP and Nintendo DS would really push the boundaries of handheld systems. But sadly, it remains as tech and games that most have never played. Well, the games at least are getting a second lease on life with the Nintendo Switch!

The SNK Neo Geo Pocket Color Selection is bringing the classic titles to the Nintendo Games Store, the latest of which, Fatal Fury First Contact, joins the four other titles previously released (SNK Gals’ Fighters, King of Fighters R-2, Samurai Showdown!2, and The Last Blade: Beyond the Destiny) with more coming soon. Fatal Fury is $8 for digital download, and not only features the game, but uses the extra screen real estate to re-create the Pocket Color console on screen as well. 

I'm not convinced the price point makes total sense to be honest. I feel like the reason Neo Geo ultimately failed was because it priced out too many new players. So trying to rely on nostalgia when most folks never actually played the titles leaves a limited audience. But if you're a fan of the New Geo system and want a blast form the past it's there. What I would like to see is ultimately round out the Selection and then offer them all as a bundle. Maybe something like $30 for 10 titles, that would move the needle for me. But if you never did get to have that taste of Neo Geo games and you're still thirsty to try it, or if you are one of the lucky few who did and are eager to dive back in, the Neo Geo Pocket Color Selection seems to have you covered. 

Fatal Fury First Contact is available on the Nintendo Games Store. More info about the Neo Geo Pocket Color Selection can be found on the official site.