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Arizona Sunshine is four years old and still getting new content

by: Rob -
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When VR first really landed, Arizona Sunshine was one of the stand out titles of the new tech. Originally released in 2016, it featured zombie killing, which Virtual Reality was practically made for, and excellent shooter gameplay incorporating many interaction techniques that are pretty much standard now. It quickly made its way on to just about every VR platform (and even was able to play on processors other than Intel i7s!) and has seen two DLC upgrades. For years on, the new content continues to land, with the Trailer Park map now available for Horde Mode. 

In Horde Mode, up to four players grind out wave after wave of the undead, the goal isn't to win, only to survive as long as you can scavenging for loot and hiding places before the inevitable overrun finally claims your life. The Trailer Park Map is a free update to all owners of the game on Oculus Quest for now. It is also available on Steam as a Beta.