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Ubisoft+ games cannot be shared via the Stadia family sharing plan

by: Eric -
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In my ongoing quest to investigate the ins and outs of the weird new Ubisoft+/Luna/Stadia hook-up, I've come to a conclusion regarding the question of whether Ubisoft+ games can be shared via the Stadia family sharing plan. In short - no, they disappointingly cannot. Though players can share both purchased and Stadia Pro games with family members, each player must purchase their own $14.99 Ubisoft+ subscription to play Ubisoft+ games.

Allow me to show you the depths of my investigation. First, I checked out a non-Ubisoft+ game:

 Very nice. There is clearly a switch there that will allow me to share Sekiro with my family members.

Then I took a look at an Ubisoft+ game:

Aha! See anything different there? Here, I'll point it out for you:
The Ubisoft+ game was clearly missing the switch that would allow me to designate it to be shared with my family. I further tested the functionality by calling a family member and asking if they could see all of these sweet Ubisoft games in their account. They replied that no, they could not, and it was deeply disappointing.
So far, Ubisoft+ seems like a pretty good deal for users that love Ubi open-world epics, but I'll definitely be throwing this feature (or complete lack thereof) into the "giant irritating non-consumer-friendly" column.
More on Ubisoft+, Stadia, and Luna as I figure it out.