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New NVIDIA drivers add Vulkan Ray Tracing support for Quake II RTX

by: John -
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If you're a Quake II RTX player, the latest drivers from NVIDIA will add something neat to the game. Vulkan Ray Tracing is now available with the 460.98 drivers  which you can grab from GeForce Experience.

You'll need update 1.4.0 for Quake II RTX along with the drivers to take advantage of the new feature. Vulkan is a low level API that could offer more performance over other APIs like OpenGL and Direct3D. It can also better distribute loads over multiple cores as well.

Ray tracing has really changed how Quake II looks and it's nice example of how ray tracing can improve upon a game's look and feel. Yes, it's more apparent in older games using this tech, but it can benefit almost every game that's using it right now.

Check out what it looks like and if you want to try the Vulkan path of Ray Tracing, grab the updated drivers today.