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Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Season 1 Battle Pass

by: Rob -
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I wanted to use the title of this news post to talk about what was happening, that the trailer and full details for Season 1 were out. But by the time I finished typing just the name of the game and the topic I felt to add any more characters to the title would just be silly. Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War is a ridiculously long title. It's like an inside joke that went to far and marketing got a hold of it and it ended up on the jacket covers for the game and then... Well, it was just to late to change it after that went to press.

The game itself is pretty cool though. It has some issues with dodgy connectivity on the PvP bits which is why I had to only give it a 7 in my review. But I trust that the experience is one that will get better and better with each patch and update. The first big update is nearly upon us, Season 1 kicks off in two days. It was pushed back already and follow that link to make sure you log in before tomorrow, 11PM PT December 15th, to get some free "Pre-season" goodies before they're gone. 

But as for those Season 1 details, the blog post on the official site is here. The highlights in the bullet points below. The trailer just beneath that.

  • Each season of Black Ops Cold War and Warzone comes with a Battle Pass System, which allows you to earn a selection of free items, including two new base weapons, several Weapon Blueprints, up to 300 COD Points, and more.
  • There is a free tier, but to unlock all 100 levels of rewards you need to have the Season One Battle Pass
  • The two new weapons, the MAC-10 SMG and Groza Assault Rifle, do not appear to be in the free tier, but honestly the blog is a little hard to decipher...
  • However, some of the weapon blueprints (variations of existing weapons with optimized loadout attachments) are in the free tier, most aren't