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Ubisoft+ beta arrives on Stadia today

by: Eric -
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Ubisoft+, the program that gives players access to a library of Ubisoft games, today launches in beta on Google Stadia - with a three-day rollout that concludes on December 16th. The $14.99-a-month subscription service has been in beta on Amazon Luna, and is bringing cross-progression between cloud services for its library of games to Stadia.

Though the timing may be a little off due to this morning's Google outage, the Ubisoft+ beta is scheduled to go lived by 7 a.m. PST, which should have passed by the time you read this. Just head over to Ubi's website, subscribe, and link your account. 

I've been messing with Ubisoft+ on Luna, with mixed results. I have had some issues with performance in the past - but to be fair, this is a beta, and things have greatly improved. I've been a little disappointed with the timing of releases - and it's important for those signing up to understand that you will not be getting that giant Ubisoft library right out of the gate - though all of the recent big bangers should be accounted for. You will have access to the games, of course, but they are not all immediately available for streaming. Currently, the Ubisoft+ beta on Luna features 24 of the biggest Ubi titles. Games are being added a few at a time - with the new releases not always being added day and date (Fenyx Rising was a day late, for example).

We will be reporting back throughout the day with more information as we get it - what games are available, how it's all working out, etc. Keep an eye on Gaming Nexus as the day progresses for more information.