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Why aren't people flipping out about Outriders? Get the scoop on what this game is all about.

by: Eric -
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Publisher Square Enix and developer People Can Fly (the folks behind Gears of War: Judgement and BULLETSTORM) yesterday released a new trailer for their upcoming RPG/shooter Outriders. And having watched the trailer a couple of times, my biggest question is "Why aren't people more hyped about Outriders?". Check out the trailer for yourself, and see what you think (I'm afraid that you will have to click the link and watch it on YouTube):

I never see mention of Outriders on social media, or on other press outlets. I follow Stadia Twitter pretty closely, and none of those folks have mentioned this game, ever - and Stadia Twitter gets excited about everything. It seems that no one is talking about what looks like a totally gonzo shooter. Is there just not enough information out in the wild? Do people not understand what Outriders is?

Admittedly, before today I was still not clear on how RPG elements come into play with the lunatic shooting. And I also was not clear on whether Outriders is an online game-as-a-service sort of deal, or if it simply one and done. Actually, I didn't even know if Outriders is co-op or single player. 

So I popped over to Outriders' website to see if I could figure some stuff out, and I answered pretty much all of my own questions. Here's what I found out:

Outriders is a story driven RPG-shooter. The campaign can be played in single player, or in co-op with up to three people. Players take on the role of Outriders - "the last hope of the human race trapped on Enoch, a dangerous and untamed planet". 

Outriders will have 15(!) difficulty settings to allow players to fiddle around and play the game the way they are comfortable with. Playing through the campaign with just one class (you get six character slots) will take an estimated 25-30 hours, but will take "2-3 times that long if you play all the side quests." Outriders will reward exploration with goodies like gear and special enemies, with a lot of cool mysteries to uncover.

Outriders will have four different classes - The Trickster, The Pyromance, The Devastator, and The Technomancer. You can find info on each of these classes at Outriders fairly extensive YouTube channel

Outcasters will support full crossplay across all systems. All of 'em. Outcasters is not a game-as-a-service, and it will not feature micro-transactions

I think its time for gamers to start getting hype for Outriders. BULLETSTORM was awesome, and it looks like Outriders is going to be a big pile of ultra-violent awesome too. 

Outriders is scheduled to release on February 2, 2021 on PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC, and Stadia. Folks that purchase the PS4 and Xbox One versions will get a free upgrade to next-gen systems.