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Watch me basically turn Cyberpunk 2077 into a walking sim with my first two hours

by: Randy -
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At the risk of turning it into Cyberpunk 2077 day here at Gaming Nexus, I also got some game time in last night, after the wife and kiddo were safely tucked away in their beds. Because yeah, you can't spell Cyberpunk without "NSFW." 

If you want to see someone that's far more entertaining to watch, check out our own Joseph Moorer's two hours of gameplay. But if you'd rather watch some no-commentary gameplay, front loaded with too much time spent in the options menus and even more time spent flipping through hairstyles, then here's my gameplay, below.

Unfortunately, I lot of the discourse around Cyberpunk right now is about glitches and crashes. That's a crying shame. I'm certainly okay with reasonable visual glitches and the occasional NPC stuck in a T-pose through a cutscene. Heck, I celebrate that kind of stuff in a way. But hourly crashes are the worst. I was lucky enough to not experience much of that on PC. Emphasis on the "lucky." I think one NPC snapped to a different animation during one conversation, and a, like, ghost line of palm trees would flash onto the screen every once in a while, but nothing too crazy. There are a far worse stories out there.

But as for me, I picked the Nomad start, of the three starting scenarios. There must be more to it because I did exactly two things in the desert before it takes me into the city. And I'm still hours away from the opening credits, from what I'm hearing. So, as is par for the course with me, my natural slow-play style will have me logging in 2x more hours than the average player on How Long To Beat. It does sound like Cyberpunk could use a dozen more patches and hotfixes before it gets to be its best self, however, so taking my time will probably work to my benefit.