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DOOM Eternal has a launch date for the Switch, and it's not too far off

by: Russell -
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DOOM Eternal launched back in March on most systems except the Nintendo Switch. Several months later however and it seems that DOOM Eternal on the Nintendo Switch has a launch date and it's closer than one might expect. DOOM Eternal will launch digitally on the Nintendo Switch on December 8th, 2020, just over a week away from the date of this post. The Switch version will utilize motion aiming with the Joy-Cons' built-in gyroscope feature and will also use traditional aiming. I'm a little weary of the motion aiming after playing Borderlands with it on, but I did start to get use to it there. At least though you'll have the ability to use traditional aiming instead it seems so if you're not into motion-controlled aiming you still have standard aiming controls to fall back on.