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A Plague Tale and Mighty Switch Force! Collection now on Luna - gameplay

by: Eric -
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Amazon Luna is well into the second month of its beta, and a steady flow of games has been appearing throughout that could possibly suggest a cadence for the new platform. So far, an average of two games has been added to Luna each week. All of them have been indie titles, but some of them have been very acclaimed, well-known games.

This week, A Plague Tale: Innocence and Mighty Switch Force! Collection have appeared in the "Newly Added To Luna" category. 

I went ahead and took a look at A Plague Tale to see how it performs on Luna. Short answer: flippin' amazing. Take a look:

I'm not terribly familiar with Mighty Switch Force, but I took a look at the trailer, and it looks like a fun collection of puzzle/platformer games:

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