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News Roundup: Backyard Touch Affairs

by: Randy -
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  • WarCry scores an exclusive interview with April "CuppaJo" Burba about Tabula Rasa.
  • Ron Meiners chats about upcoming MMO, Firefly (based on the defunct Firefly TV show), and the Multiverse platform and toolset -- which is utilized in Firefly's development.
  • AtomicGamer writes out an Infernal review.  They don't look impressed.  They do, however, nearly hand Massive Assault Network 2 an award.
  • Killer Betties hops on the Nintendo DS and enjoy their trek through an Etrian Odyssey.
  • Legit Reviews check out the Intel P35 Chipset: DDR2 versus DDR3 Memory.
Thanks to Legit Reviews, AtomicGamer, Killer Betties, and WarCry for today's News Roundup.