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Thrustmaster delivers an officially licensed eSwap Pro Controller for the Xbox

by: John -
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Thrustmaster has had an eSwap controller for the PlayStation 4 but now the Xbox gets their own. The eSwap Pro Controller is now available for the Xbox and compatible with the PC.

The claim to fame is, of course, the various components that can be changed on the controller to suite your needs. Don't like the positions of the D-pad and thumbsticks? Just switch them around. Want to add two extra buttons? Go ahead. Want some new designs on the grip handles? No problem!

The eSwap Pro Controller offers up the incredible versatility to change it all up. And they are hot swappable so just change them up anytime. Thrustmaster's SG NXG analog sticks are touted by them as having a longer life as well as better resistance and improved centering.

Another great feature is the adjustable triggers that let you reduce the travel needed to activate. For those wanting quicker responses for shooters, this is a great option.

There's even built in audio controls to control the volume of your headset and mic if you plug a headset into it. This should be especially helpful for those headsets without any inline controls.

Thrustmaster has a bunch of packs they sell to customize the eSwap controller to your liking. Different colors and styles are just some of the things you can use to change up the eSwap controller.

Priced at $159.99, the eSwap Pro Controller for the Xbox line of consoles is available now.