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Override 2: Super Mech League beta is live for this weekend

by: Eric -
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If you never played Override: Super Mech League, you have been missing out on some giant monster-bashing fun. The franchise is all about taking giant mechs into large settings (cities, forests, um, other cities) and stomping the hell out of each other. The first game was a lot of fun.

The sequel, Override: Super Mech League 2, is going to be releasing later this year, and just for fun, the folks at Modus games threw in one of the best giant mechs of all time - Ultraman. The open beta for the new game just went live today, and is running through November 22. 

Folks in the US can download the PS4 version here, the PS5 version here, and the Steam version here

If you, like me, have blasted through most of your PS5 launch games, here is a great way to take that new system for another spin. Keep an eye out on Gaming Nexus for more news on Override 2 as we get closer to launch!