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Poker fans rejoice, Poker Club launches on 11/19

by: Carter -
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If you're looking for time away from the in-laws over the holidays, you can escape to the virtual card table in Poker Club, which will release on PC and Xbox consoles on 11/19 and PlayStation consoles on 11/20.

Poker Club is designed as a social experience. In line with the increasing online community-led nature of the gaming landscape, Poker Club aims to connect players with friends and poker fans around the world, featuring tournaments for over 200 participants. Players can create or join a club complete with leaderboards, tournaments, and daily chip bonuses. Some customizable gear and events are club-specific, meaning the best way to play is as part of a collective with others from around the world. 

Poker Club will also offer some cross-platform and cross-generation play, meaning users will be able to play together on PC, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch platforms. Unfortunately, PlayStation users experience cross-generation play between PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 platforms only.