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Report: Many PlayStation 5 DualSense Controllers not charging in front USB port

by: Eric -
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I'll keep this one short and sweet. My PlayStation 5 arrived the other day, and I have been delighted with its performance - but for one problem. I've been plugging the DualSense controller into the USB port on the front of the system, as I have done with every other PlayStation I've ever owned - since they got rid of corded controllers, at least.

The problem? The controller is not charging from that port. I've of course checked my settings, which are set to never cut power to the USB ports, no matter how long the system has been in rest mode. I've been having to charge the controller up with my phone charger, which is annoying as hell. The first night, I left it plugged in overnight, expecting a full charge, and woke up to a nearly dead controller. A quick trip to reddit reveals that many people are having the same problem. 

For now, the solution seems to be plugging the controller into one of the back USB ports on the PlayStation 5 - not an ideal solution, but workable. The smaller USB C port seems to work as well. I certainly don't want to send my PlayStation 5 back for repairs right now. One would hope that Sony is aware of this problem and will be able to fix it with a patch as opposed to an actual hardware repair.

Gaming Nexus will post more news on this issue as it develops.