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The Season of the Hunt is upon us in Destiny 2

by: Rob -
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Like the rest of my clan, I haven't logged in to Destiny much the last few months. The game had gotten stale and new content delayed and pushed due to COVID. Like the rest of my clan I can't wait to jump back in now that the content is finally among us. The latest expansion for Destiny 2, Beyond Light, is here. And as the trailer below spoils at the end, things are getting pretty interesting in the plot department including the return and prominent positioning of some of the more unsavory characters in the Destiny Universe. If you don't know, "The Crow" as he calls himself at the end of the trailer is none other than poor, weak Uldren Sov, who was duped into being the antagonist in 2018's Forsaken expansion. 

There were some controversial changes in the final season of the last content push to change the way armor and weapons carry over season to season. The long and sort of it is: things are being deprecated so Bungie has a more manageable sandbox to work with. How that all plays out, well I think it's going to take this expansion to really see. Last one was the threat of deprivation, now we finally face the reality. And the first "Season" within this expansion is The Season of the Hunt to kick off this next great adventure. 

Season of the Hunt runs November 10 to February 9 and introduces a new power cap and a new artifact for season specific perks, like all seasons do. It also adds new gear, weapons and armor featuring the return of the Hawkmoon exotic and new Trials of Osiris weapons for the top tier PvP set. This season will also cover the annual Dawning event over the holidays baking cookies for loot

More info about Season of the Hunt, can be found on Bungie's official site.