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First major update released for the free to play Genshin Impact

by: Jon -
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It's been just over a month since the release of the free to play ARPG Genshin Impact, and I've been truly hooked. There's something about the overly cutesy animation, the massive sandbox roaming and collection game, and the very interesting combat system that have me continuously logging in to make sure I'm completing the MMO like daily quests. For myself and others today is an exciting one as it brings the first update to the game with version 1.1. This version brings quite a few changes into play, as detailed below.  

While version 1.1 is smaller than the 1.2 currently on the roadmap for next month, there is still plenty to take in. 1.1 won't release any of the new zones to players, but will come with several new quest lines, events, and characters.

Starting with the characters, we'll get a chance to acquire up to 4 new characters.  For current players 5 star "Childe" Tartaglia will be a familiar face after visiting Liyue, bringing a new high powered, bow using hydro damage dealer to the fold.  Katzlein Cocktail Diona will bring a bow using, cryo support, Blazing Riff Xinyan brings a pyro claymore use with AOE damage over time capabilities, and the other 5 star, Vago Mundo Zhongli is a geo polearm user who also deals large AOE damage with both his skill and burst.  Some of these new characters will be available to try out in the new character trial event. Partnering with the new characters and their event will be a new event wish which will give users a better chance at landing the 5 star Memory of Dust, or Skyward Harp as well as introducing a new 5 star polearm and claymore. 

The next portion of the update holds new quests, bringing a few new story quest, several new world quest, and a new archon quest to keep driving the story forward.  These quests will help provide some additional playability for players who have long since finished the slew of quests coming with the games launch and help to provide some much needed avenues for resources. 

Lastly are the introduction of several new systems.   For selfish reasons I'm going to only expand on one of these. So while there is a new character archive system, equipment archive system, and exploration progress system which i am excited to see, particularly the exploration progress so I can stop running around aimlessly, the biggest system by far will be the new city reputation system.   This system will you to take on special bounties, quests, and passively earn reputation for both Mondstadt and Liyue, which can in turn be used to unlock rewards ranging from gadgets you can use to cosmetic namecards. 

If you haven't checked out the game up to this point, you can play it completely for free, and see all of these new changes today!