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It's launch day for the Xbox Series X|S

by: John -
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Well the day has come where the next generation of consoles begins. First up is Microsoft as today is Xbox Series X|S launch day! Were you one of the lucky ones that were able to pre-order?

I don't know if you'll be able to try your luck in stores, but hopefully we have a lot of folks getting theirs today. I know a few on our staff have it ordered, but we'll see how many trickle in from the delivery truck.

As you well know, the Xbox Series X is built for 4K and new visual effects such as ray tracing. The AMD powered console is arguably the most powerful console out there today and will power the next generation of Xbox games.

The big value, is of course, Xbox Ultimate Game Pass. You're going to get a ton of games to play right off the bat when you subscribe and you can bet future titles like Starfield and Halo Infinite will be available to subscribers on day one. Not only that, but you can take advantage of cloud streaming with Project xCloud as a subscriber. New subscribers can also get 30 days of free Disney+ to catch up on The Mandalorian.

Oh, did you also know you get EA Play access today as well? Talk about a great deal!

If you need even more games, put in an old Original Xbox, Xbox 360, or Xbox One physical disk and play most of the library from the previous generation of consoles via backwards compatibility.

At $499, the Xbox Series X seems like a solid deal for 4K gaming, but those that don't have a 4K TV can grab the really inexpensive Xbox Series S for $299 and play the next gen games at a lower resolution that will fit your TV.

Both are available now, well, if you can find them. Have fun to those that were able to pick it up and happy Xbox gaming!