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Tetris Effect: Connected is coming to PS4/PS5

by: Rob -
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I've been bummed out for a week or so now thinking that next-gen Xbox and PC were getting the updates to Tetris Effect and leaving PS4/PS5 users like myself out in the cold. I am unabashed in my love for this game. I mentioned it in the games we kept playing in 2019 article as well as my most surprising game of 2018 as well as a nomination from Matt in the favorite games of 2018. However, with Tetris Effect: Connected coming soon, all of the press and hype has been around it's release on Xbox and PC. Even the press releases I've seen don't even mention the game updates coming to Sony's ecosystem. 

I was so desperate for a Tetris experience on next-gen Playstation I nearly turned to Puyo Puyo Tetris  to fill the void, and I have no idea what a Puyo even is... But then I saw it. Despite all the hype for Microsoft's console and not even a word I could find in press releases, there it was, way down in the fine print of the official website:

"The ultimate incarnation of the award-winning puzzle game TETRIS® EFFECT, coming to the Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and Windows 10 (PC, Windows Store), at Xbox Series X launch this holiday, and as a free update to all other existing versions of Tetris EffectPS4, Epic Games Store, and Oculus Quest—in Summer 2021."

Awesome. Gloom lifted. And to top it all off, Tetris Effect is even half off on the Playstation Store right now through November 21st. Just in time as I need to switch over form the disc I bought to a digital version with my disc-less PS5 that's in transit. Happy days.