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Lots of Godfall gameplay in latest video and Q&A

by: Rob -
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Gearbox has posted a 52 minute closer look video for their upcoming RPG Godfall. The video kicks off with the trailer and dives into the games gameplay as well as Q&A with both folks on the dev side, Keith Lee - CEO and Dick Heyne - Senior Technical Producer, at Counterplay Games, as well as notable players and content producers Arekkz and My Name is Byf. I know quite a few who are really excited about Godfall potentially scratching an itch that has seen some similar games seemingly entered a doldrums (Destiny 2) while others were DoA (Anthem). 

Godfall is a PS5 and PC exclusive. It is available for pre-order now on the Playstation Store or Epic Games Store and releases with he PS5 on November 12th.