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Sure, Miles Morales looks cool, but you can have Chicken Police RIGHT NOW

by: Eric -
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Yes, there is a lot going on in gaming news today. And your attention might be locked in on Miles Morales and PS5. But have you seen this trailer for Chicken Police?

Only in video games, right? Check out this description from a recent press release:

"Sonny is an alcoholic, deadbeat detective, waiting for his retirement and only old photographs and newspaper articles serve as reminders of the glorious times when he and his partner Marty were working together as a dynamic duo, the Chicken Police. With nothing less than a cult following of fans, a successful book series about their adventures and professional success any other law enforcement officer wouldn't even dream of, they felt invulnerable. Now they're being asked to investigate a series of strange threats. But nothing is as it seems in the corrupt city of Clawville. It is up to you, to uncover the truth surrounding the secretive Natasha Catzenko and the city's criminal underworld and shed light on the Chicken Police's dark past."

Handy Games' Chicken Police - Paint it Red! is available right now for $19.99 on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.