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Ary and the Secret of Seasons, Little Big Workshop surprise drop on Stadia

by: Eric -
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Another day, another surprise Stadia drop. 

Today's offerings are the very fun Zelda-like from Modus Games, Ary and the Secret of Seasons, and Handy Games' Little Big Workshop.

Ary, which is every bit as charming as it looks, is retailing for $39.99. "Journey across the magnificent world of Valdi! Ary and the Secret of Seasons is an award-winning adventure game following a young girl named Aryelle, or Ary, as she journeys across the great world of Valdi. By becoming the Guardian of Winter, Ary gains the ability to manipulate the seasons around her. Ary will learn to control the seasons and use them to defeat enemies, overcome obstacles, and solve complex puzzles on her adventure across Valdi."

Little Big Workshop, which was recently announced at a Stadia Direct, retails for $19.99. 

"Imagine a magical factory, appearing right in your living room. A carefully planned masterpiece, where diligent workers throw together anything customers want. Rubber ducks and dressers, drones and electric guitars, scooters and other wonderful goods can be created from many different materials and sold for hard cash – cash you invest right back into your factory to get more machines, more workers and grow your business. In Little Big Workshop you become a factory tycoon!"

This officially pushed Stadia up past 100 games being offered. Not bad, after one year.