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There’s no easy mode in Demon’s Souls but there are over 180 game help videos

by: Charlie -
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The Demon’s Souls remake is one of the most hotly anticipated next-gen launch titles. Souls games are notorious for their challenging gameplay that either results in a broken controller or a satisfied sense of achievement. In an interview with Game Informer, creative director Gavin Moore said “There are no difficulty options in Demon’s Souls, and there shouldn’t be.”

Yet, it’s also been revealed by Moore, this time in an interview with The Washington Post, that Demon’s Souls will make use of the new game help PS5 UI feature. Via the interface, it will offer over 180 videos, each with increasing levels of visibility into what’s needed to complete portions of the game. 

This news has caused split reactions across the Souls community. Some believe that there should be no “handholding” so to speak in Demon’s Souls. However, there’s a lot of arguments made by less-abled gamers that there should me a modicum of accessibility for them. To me, it seems like this strikes a balance between the two.

There’ll be no easy mode in the menus but players that do get stuck are able to access a game help video via the interface. Really, it’s not that much different from just going to YouTube - it’s just more efficient and intuitive this way.