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Faeria continues its quest to conquer all the consoles, also spinning off a rouge-like

by: Rob -
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I do like Faeria, I said as much in my review for Switch. I do like that the game is hopping aboard more and more systems to use it, having started on PC through Steam then moving to the Epic Games stop and on to Switch and the Xbox. Well "soon" the game will hit just about the last system still holding out, the PS4. I say soon because all I have in my hands on this is an announcement by the publisher, no firm date. 

For the most part, this is great news. But I actually turned down the chance to review this version because, as much as I like the game, the lack of cross save is still an issue for me (it's all in the review). What I'd really like to see is Faeria hit my iPad, then I could put this all to bed and fully commit to a version, but barring a mobile version or that cross-save, I'm stuck picking one version to stay with, and for me that's the PC one I already have dozens of hours invested in. 

In addition to the console expansion, we've got a new game set in the Faeria universe, RogueBook. This time we leave the living map of Faeria's base game and move into a rogue-like deck builder. The project was already successfully funded off kickstarter and is set for a May 2021 release.