Geometry and Bunnies coming to Wii

by: Sean Colleli -
More On: Wii
As if the anouncement of Metroid Prime 3's release date wasn't awesome enough, the new issue of Nintendo Power has some more pleasant surprises.  Ubisoft is bringing those crazed Rabbids back for a sequel to the much-loved Wii launch title.  We've known about the Rabbids for a while, but out of the blue Nintendo announced that Geometry Wars is getting a full blown sequel on Wii and DS.  Geometry Wars Galaxies will feature a fully-featured solo campaign, multiplayer modes, and for long time fans will include both the original Geometry Wars and the Xbox Live bestseller, Retro Evolved.  It looks like late summer/early fall will finally be the time for Wii owners to get some use out of their console.  Reminds me of the DS's first year.
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