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40 minutes of Watch Dogs: Legion on Google Stadia

by: Eric -
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I'm reviewing Watch Dogs: Legion on Google Stadia. I'm a few hours into the game (I just got it yesterday, so I'm doing my best here), so I decided that I might randomly capture some gameplay here and there while running through the game.

My observations so far: Watch Dogs: Legion is flippin' beautiful. So much attention has been paid to the little things in this game. I stood for a while earlier and watched a guy sweeping the street, marveling at the perfect way the broom sound effect lined up with his actions. In another area of the city, I heard children playing on a playground in the distance, and I had to lift my headset from my ears to tell if it was in the game or there were kids screaming outside my house. Just a stunning looking (and sounding) piece of work.

Anyhow, here's 40 minutes of me dorking around and solving a simple mission. Please note the way I unnecessarily destroy a building full of cops out of frustration at an easily solved puzzle. Hell, it wasn't even a puzzle, I just wasn't patient enough to figure out how to hijack a spider-bot. As a result, lots of unconscious London police with broken skulls. Enjoy!

(Oh, be sure to flip the resolution to 1080p for the full experience. Watching in SD is not the jam.)