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Steins;Gate is getting a sequel visual novel

by: Nathan -
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Steins;Gate is one of the favorite VNs of all time. I even put it on my personal list of the best game that I played in the last decade. It had everything I want in a story. A loveable cast of characters, great humor, an incredibly suspensful story and a fantastic ending. Once I started reading, I literally couldn't stop. It's one of those games where completely lose track of time. Next thing I know I look at the clock and it's 5AM. 

Steins;Gate also got a prequel / midquel VN with Steins;Gate 0. While not as good as the original, it was still really good. The popularity of the game pretty much increased due to the fantastic anime adaptation. Well it's time to go back into the Steins;Gate universe as Famitsu has revealed that a sequel is coming. 

The logo for the game was also released but the full title is being kept a secret for now with the title only being "Steins;____". 

Now as with the other games in the Science Adventure series, mainly Chaos;Head and Chaos;Child, I would say there is a good chance this game will feature a new cast of characters and will be somewhat of a spiritual successor. A new cast and a new setting but with a similar story. However, it has been confirmed that the voice actors for Okabe, Daru and Kurisu are returning but they aren't saying what role those characters will play in the game or whether they are going to be major or minor characters. 

Considering how popular Steins;Gate is, I would say it's only a matter of time before this gets an amine adaption as well. No other details were released.